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Moire Patterns' "Get It Thru", Essential Play II EP is in stock at stores and online shops!!!
Played by Ryan Elliott, DJ Naughty, Alex Barck…


Knuggles Rec. is very delighted to present Moire Patterns' second Essential Play EP.

The title track "Get It Thru" puts you right in the middle of a pumping house party. This grabbing and powerful long-playing tool with afro kick grooves and haunting vocal licks will keep your bottoms up! Look out! It can knock a hole in your wall.

On the flip side Moire Patterns is featuring special edits of tracks by two original artists: Jaone and Bratacas.
Led by a tambourine, the constantly modulating pattern of "Taxanetsi Brothers" drives you into a more platonic dimension of classical and balkan music. Disco fashion!
"Bratacas 029" has been selected from the diverse works of Bratacas. It's an elegant ambient electro-acoustic piece that makes us reminisce about the UK D'n'B scene of the late 90ties. Or is it Detroit?

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"Don't Wanna Lose Ya Love" by Elbee Bad (KNR007) is part of "Panorama Bar 06" mix

New Netto Houz 12"

This time Netto Houz comes in three flavors: Deep House with a captivating latin groove, R & B and a more experimental blend called "Feels So Good Inside", which might be useful to get certain things straight. This 12" on Knuggles Recordings is dedicated to the urban summer!

Our records are played by Sven Väth, Ryan Elliott, Serge Clone, Maayan Nidam & Vera, Hans Nieswandt, Santonio Echols, Jerome Sydenham, Tim Sweeney, Alex Barck, Franck Roger, Max Graef… Check out all releases